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This is the website for the  Birmingham City Council 
Outdoor Learning Service 
Unfortunately we will not be offering a teaching service at this site as of the 
end of July 2014
Please note the statements below below.

Site Last Updated:  13 June 2014

Hams Hall Environmental Studies Centre

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Hams Hall Environmental Studies Centre

Partners - Statements

Birmingham City Council:

In March 2014, Birmingham City Council decided to withdraw as a provider of outdoor learning, in order to more effectively target its available resources to the most vulnerable in society. The Council is working with its partners to ensure that outdoor learning services are continued where possible. Although the service at Hams Hall will cease, the Council's work with other partners and the work of private providers means that opportunities for young people in the City will still be available. 



Following Birmingham City Council’s decision to withdraw support for outdoor learning centres and our own review of activities, we have taken the decision to withdraw our support for the site. However, we remain fully committed to educating future generations about the importance of energy and sustainability, through events such as the recent Big Bang Fair held in Birmingham, which attracted over 10,000 students.  

The Energy Experience is a FREE web-based education programme aimed at ages 5 - 15 which is fully linked to the science and geography curriculum.  Students are encouraged to explore and understand the different sources of energy we use - the relative merits of each - and what their choices will mean locally, nationally and globally.  The programme is available to all schools across the UK.

Please visit www.eon-uk.com/energyexperience .


Solihull MBC:

Following the decision of Birmingham City Council to withdraw as a provider of outdoor learning and EON to withdraw their support for the site at Hams Hall the long standing and effective partnership with Solihull MBC will come to an end. However, Solihull MBC is committed to supporting its schools, children and young people in education for sustainable development and will continue to promote outdoor learning.